The Political Consequences of Physical Reality

‘Investing’ in Skynet

World-wide bitcoin electricity consumption vastly outstrips that of the fastest defense supercomputers in China and the United States. Estimated at over 100 terrawatt-watt hours per year (100,000,000,000,000 watt-hours), or about enough electricity to power 11,000,000 households at a US standard of living (~30,000,000 people). This growth is occurring as the supply of computer chips forContinue reading “‘Investing’ in Skynet”

McConnell warns business to ‘stay out of politics’ – and Marcus Crassus should stop supporting Julius Caesar.

In a moment of extreme public naivety, Mitch McConnell warned big business after southern GOP statehouses passed 21st Century Jim Crow legislation en masse this past week. It will be interesting to see who actually enforces some of these new Unconstitutional provisions meant to discourage minority voting. For example, will the FBI arrest jack-booted localContinue reading “McConnell warns business to ‘stay out of politics’ – and Marcus Crassus should stop supporting Julius Caesar.”

The Cult of Elon Musk

Elon Musk got lucky by controlling the franchise that processed online auction payments from Ebay in the 1990s and 2000s. It does not take a genius to figure out how to take a percentage of payments, and the billions made from Paypal allowed Musk (like a bad perfume) to parlay his fortune into Tesla andContinue reading “The Cult of Elon Musk”

The Male Ego, The Industrial System, and Andrew Cuomo

News outlets are again reporting on the situation in New York State with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s problems with allegations of behavior with women. Thus far, there has been one allegation, out of six, where ‘unwanted touching’ was an issue, making this more serious for him. Against the backdrop of these female allegations, one must readContinue reading “The Male Ego, The Industrial System, and Andrew Cuomo”

Market Pricing during an Emergency – and Ford Truck Power Options

Many news outlets are reporting that customers who were signed up through an ESCO (Energy Supply Company) on a variable rate plan for electricity were charged more than $9.00 per kWh during the several days of the power outages and storm. Normal supply costs might be $0.03-$0.07 per kWh. Thus, the Texas regulators allow overContinue reading “Market Pricing during an Emergency – and Ford Truck Power Options”

The Smart Grid is No Grid

An atypical winter storm this February dipped further south than normal and has wreaked havoc in Texas, a State that traditionally has prided itself on rugged individualism. Every place has rugged individualists, however, as a fraction of the population, the number dwindles every year, Texas included. This storm illustrates many concepts ripe for analysis. ThisContinue reading “The Smart Grid is No Grid”

The Limits of Engineering

Yesterday, against the backdrop of the pandemic news, the New York Times reported that Shell Oil had claimed that its oil production had peaked in 2019 and that it would produce less oil every year. Breakthrough Energy, funded by Bill Gates, has invested recently in a Nuclear Fusion startup (Commonwealth Fusion) in an attempt toContinue reading “The Limits of Engineering”

Demography of Insurrection, the Marine Corps has a problem

The New York Times published front-page photographs of twenty-four people recently arrested for the insurrection on the sixth of January. Seven of the twenty-four were former Marines. Being a Veteran and getting caught up in this is bad enough, however, it is clear there is a significant problem with the Marines if the percentage ofContinue reading “Demography of Insurrection, the Marine Corps has a problem”

Mirror Worlds, Identity Subrogation, and Ideological Ossification in Congress

The Coup in Myanmar over the weekend is a stark reminder toward the pull of authoritarianism across the world. With our brief brush with something similar attempted on the sixth in the United States, one can only conclude that power networks check the barometer before they try something, and right now the pressure is conduciveContinue reading “Mirror Worlds, Identity Subrogation, and Ideological Ossification in Congress”

General Motors CEO tries to manufacture demand, and how Joe Biden can help.

The New York Times on Saturday had an excellent front-page article detailing the recent announcement from General Motor’s CEO, Mary Barra, that General Motors would be an all-electric car company in the future. After Commodore Perry re-opened Japan to Western trade in the late 19th Century, Japan’s society shifted into an Industrial mode, which requiredContinue reading “General Motors CEO tries to manufacture demand, and how Joe Biden can help.”

Society is going to fragment – where you settle, and with who, will matter

The nexus of drug and human trafficking is closely related to the gambling industry and the pandemic has slowed these markets. Las Vegas is dying and the business interests that seek to monetize these old black markets are attempting to move into your backyard. The New York Times reported that Casino interests want to buildContinue reading “Society is going to fragment – where you settle, and with who, will matter”

Not the Finest Hour for the Department of Defense

The insurrection of January 6, 2021 has settled, and Articles of Impeachment are on the cusp of being filed by Congress against the career white-collar criminal currently holding the title of ‘President’ and ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the United States. Two of the five who died on the sixth were Veterans of the United States Air Force,Continue reading “Not the Finest Hour for the Department of Defense”

Transition Instability

It was reported in the news widely, now that additional details of the pillage of the Capitol building have been revealed and the death toll has grown to five – including a police officer bludgeoned to death with fire extinguisher – , that Congress is working diligently on ways to prevent additional destabilizing decisions onContinue reading “Transition Instability”

The True Colors of Trump

Trump flash-mob zombies raped the Congress of the United States yesterday afternoon while the Commander-in-Chief tweeted out a soft message undermining the electoral process. The President’s weak response that indirectly encouraged the storming, under arms, of the U.S. Capitol will be recorded by history as one of the last acts of an elderly, mentally illContinue reading “The True Colors of Trump”

Jonathan Pollard Goes Home

Sheldon Adelson put up his plane for the return voyage of the notorious former Naval Intelligence Analyst, Jonathan Pollard, to return to Israel yesterday after he finished his post-release five year non-travel stipulation. Stealing sensitive national defense information is a serious crime, and one that usually indirectly costs lives, either now or in the future.Continue reading “Jonathan Pollard Goes Home”

‘The Road Ahead’ and ‘The Road’ – Contrasting the genius of Bill Gates and Cormac McCarthy

Published about ten years apart, the future prognostications of Bill Gates’s ‘The Road Ahead’ in 1995 and ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy in 2006 could not be more different. Reading additional works and public comments of the two men reinforces the degree to which this asymmetry psychologically manifests within two intellectual geniuses. A binary thinkerContinue reading “‘The Road Ahead’ and ‘The Road’ – Contrasting the genius of Bill Gates and Cormac McCarthy”

Food Distribution Stresses

Farmers have to be compensated for their hard work providing food to the world’s teeming cities. Consolidation and creation of monolithic agricultural companies is a natural consequence of urbanization and capital accretion to wealthy people (those who somehow manage to collect the most tokens). In the long run, avoiding gargantuan farming collectives and supporting smallerContinue reading “Food Distribution Stresses”

9/11 and Covid-19 may be related to the Tobacco Industry

“Many researchers believe that this radiation is the origin of the high incidence of lung cancer among smokers” – Dr. John Lamarsh in ‘Introduction to Nuclear Engineering’ The 2001 terrorist attacks and the 2020 biological attacks are probably related to the tobacco industry. The death toll of the former stands at just about 3000, whileContinue reading “9/11 and Covid-19 may be related to the Tobacco Industry”

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